Posted 6 months ago

Sometimes I wish I could clone myself so I could play with me
create with

Maybe just play with me

Posted 8 months ago
I always wondered if I looked sexy from behind I do

I always wondered if I looked sexy from behind I do

Posted 9 months ago

Demise of a Rose

With the morning dew
I ventured to my
Garden to see what was
Equipped with film and prop
To capture time
Unaware to alter
Would be a hideous
Plastic filled with water
I misted and sprayed
Even chased a few
Having captured
What was meant to
Be free
I now lounged under a
Shade tree
Of the damage I
Had done
I eagerly awaited the
Rising of
The Sun
Greedily filming the start of a
New day
I never noticed a
Had pasted

Posted 9 months ago

I Don’t Care

Before you figured out

you don’t


you’ve pondered



the outcome

you’ve weighed

and measured

the could be

and maybe’s

So much time

goes into things

not cared for

Posted 9 months ago

To Bill

When does like

turn into Love

Like when dawn

turns into day

When a

bud begins

to flower

On a beautiful

Spring day

when a leaf begins

to shake

and decides

to make a Fall….

we know those

special moments

like those I spend

with you

Wondering if I’ll

love you

and finding out

I do

Posted 9 months ago

Concerned Citizen

casualties of war
too high to give
a number
struggling and fighting a
permitting them to die
enlisted their names
inflicting there pain
who will
cry out their names
save the babies
who will visit
the graves of the
homeless and depraved
walk down any Avenue
at half past 2 a.m.
if you dare
Cause they’ll
be there
fighting their battle
which cannot be won
take care
its not your son
save the babies
save our children

Posted 9 months ago

Watching TV
Not representing me

Posted 9 months ago

Working on my mind @prosemoves

Posted 9 months ago

hypnotic rays of Summer

Somba down the road


with thoughts I


of love I’ve longed to hold

glistening fields of corn

excite and spark a meadow

Clank, Boom

Clank, Boom

relentlessly droning on

Texas oil churning on

deaf ears turning on

Mother Natures yearning to be

left alone

hypnotic rays of Summer

dance lightly on the hood

reminding me the a/c’s

not working like it should

rekindled thoughts of a cold

winters day

all to hastily wished away

regrettably pondered on this

hot and humid Day


Posted 9 months ago

All Grown Up

Mommy I miss the smell

of your apple pie

 long to see the water well-wp

in your eye

as you kill yourself laughing

making lite of

time passing bye

Remember the day, I went


because I was grown…

I tried to turn four walls

into a home

No matter where, I put my things

I wanted to run back

and cling

to your breast

enfold me, take my hand

Mommy please hold me

Sometimes I cry

then remember the days of

You and I